Ian has been on level blue since the very start of school. He has recently hit blue day 40 and was able to have an “IAN” day where he watched his favorite movie in our cozy back room and got his favorite lunch delivered. Ian works increasingly hard during academic rotations and will even work through his break to ensure all of his weekly work is complete. He is becoming increasingly social in class and has made new friends in the past few months.

Ian making it to blue day 40, the highest in the class, was a huge accomplishment. Because of his work ethic, great attendance and determination Ian has achieved one of his personal goals which is to mainstream for electives. He and Mrs. Cross are working to set up his next few trimesters to incorporate more classes on the Livermore High School campus. We cannot wait to see him succeed in those as well!

“Ian makes my job so easy. He is always willing to work and is not afraid to ask for help when he needs clarification. It has been so nice to watch Ian go from a shy boy to one of our more outgoing and social students. His impressions and knowledge of movies are so entertaining.” — Joann

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