Ms. Alicia has had an impact on colleagues by always being available and helpful when they need her support. She is at morning entrance and dismissal on a daily basis. She has a great balance of being able to meet the needs of the students while supporting the staff. Ms. Alicia always branches out to offer support to other social workers in other High Road Schools as well. She truly is the balance of accountability and empathy in supporting students success in accessing their education.

Ms. Alicia was voted by her colleagues as the November 2019 Staff of the Month because of her flexibility, passion for social work, and being at true team player. When Ms. Alicia is not pulling students for individual sessions or running a group, she is supporting her co-workers in the classroom. Her co-workers know they can always rely on her and they appreciate everything she does on a daily basis. Ms. Alicia has been running Girls Group every other week during lunch. They meet to empower each other, build on social skills, raise awareness for philanthropy, and volunteer at other organizations. Her creativity goes far beyond bulletin boards, student driven IEPs, creative therapy sessions but to community outreach organizing a Girls Group (Social Butterflies) who created a snack cart to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and visiting seniors at Oak Crest.

Ms. Alicia is such a huge help at High Road School of Baltimore County. She is reliable, a very hard and diligent worker. She is always the last person in the building diligently completing her tasks and helping her colleagues accomplish their own. She is a pleasure to have at High Road and has truly made in impact on the lives of our students and our staff. If you haven’t seen her worm dance at Prom, you’re not living!

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