Life Skills participated in a C.B.I. at ALDI grocery store yesterday! Our kids were incredibly active and engaged in the activities that were planned. Behaviors were almost non-existent and participation was at 100%.

Our students were given a $25 budget to create a meal for the class. Ms. Annette’s class gathered ingredients for an amazing quiche recipe and Mr. Brandon’s class searched for quesadilla components.

Students were tasked to use their critical thinking and key decision-making skills throughout the scavenger hunt in choosing the “best deal”. Are brand name items always the way to go? Why would we grab a larger bag of cheese compared to multiple smaller bags?

Our students had calculators on hand and were constantly utilizing that resource to calculate what the best price would be for multiple items. Each student had their own “checklist” to ensure that all of the necessary ingredients were covered.

We will be completing step 2 of the CBI today where we will actually be making our respective recipes. Upon completion of that, we will have a group discussion to review what we have learned and will continue to build on for future Community Based Instructions.

A HUGE shoutout to Ms. Jes, Annette, Brittany and Jese. There was so much thought and effort put into this event and our students most certainly benefited from the hard work. These ladies are amazing!

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