A new school year is in full swing…and with that we have come to the point where we elect our Student Government. The positions available for office this year were the School Pet Advisor, School Mayor, Classroom Representatives, Co-Rally Commissioners, School Treasurer, School Secretary, School Vice-President, and the School Student Body President. We had many candidates this year, and all gave impressive speeches dictating to their peers why they should be voted for. After tallying all the votes from each class, we reached a conclusion on each position and the results are as follows:

Student Body President: Emma

Vice – President: Austin

Secretary: Sakura

Treasurer: Saul

Co – Rally Commissioners: Jaire and Liam

School Pet Advisor: Ryan

School Mayor: Tristen

Classroom Representatives:

Dillon – Devri

Phillips – Meayva

Rivera – Isaias

Martin – Sean

ACT Reps – Chase and Alex P.

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