To celebrate and thank our local first responders, Mrs. Mel, organized an event for the first responders to come to our school. In the morning of October 29th, the Abingdon Fire Department came to our school with their fire truck. Class-by-class, our students were able to go outside and watch a presentation from the firefighters. These local volunteers talked to our students about what they do on a day-to-day basis and showed our students their equipment. The students were able to try on some of the uniform and hop up into their truck. During the presentation, the firefighters were called out, giving the students an opportunity to see them in action. When the men finished their call, they came back and brought back another truck with them. To end the event, the firemen sat with our students and ate lunch. Not only was it an educational event for the students, but it gave the firefighters a chance to see what our school does and the population of people we serve.

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