Today the Life Skills classes participated in Community Based Instruction at the Dollar Tree where we continued to learn and educate ourselves about personal hygiene. Not only that, but we have been working on adhering to a strict budget.

Each student was allotted $10 to shop for personal hygiene items at the Dollar Tree. Students identified what the “”best deal”” was between two items. Whether that meant that they would be sacrificing quality for quantity was at the discretion of the student. Some of our students had some very tough decisions to make as they filled up their carts and realized that they still needed items they hadn’t purchased yet. Students had to analyze their respective situations and make the best choice for themselves and prioritize based on need.

Our students were incredibly successful and independent at the Dollar Tree. Staff assisted minimally throughout the CBI and behaviors were almost non-existent. Our students truly enjoy getting out into the community and learning from hands-on experiences. We created “”hygiene bins”” at school with the items and students are making it a priority to use them at appropriate times throughout the day.

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