Students at Choptank Elementary IDC started off their Month with some I-Ready Success! Students completed a diagnostic summary at the beginning of the year. This allows the Teacher to see exactly where the students are progressing and see their strengths and areas of support. Students at Choptank Elementary are very familiar with I-Ready. Ms. Hayley, lead Teacher at Choptank Elementary encourages her students to slow down on their I-Ready tests so they do not get any Red Rushes. One of the techniques Ms. Hayley uses is to encourage her students to stop in between each question and have a movement break.

These strategies are paying off as the results are phenomenal. We took a look back at how well the students did last year and how well they are doing this year. Each student improved their grade level and surpassed their typical growth percentage ranged from 57% increase to 188% increase. That is an increase of 2 grade levels! Keep it up Choptank!

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