High School 1 volunteered at St. Mary’s Food Bank. Students had opportunities to pass out and distribute food boxes to those in need. We also help assemble food boxes downtown working at the main distribution warehouse. Students enjoyed participating in our annual Halloween festivities, passing out candy to the younger students, as well as getting some of their own! We continue to learn and grow in our transition program. We are blessed to have Prince Edmonds as our transition coordinator/job shadowing leader. He has done a fabulous job motivating High School students encouraging them to break out of their respective comfort zones and prepare them for life after High School in the workplace.

Academically, in English Language Arts we are embarking on understanding and dissecting the brilliant work of William Shakespeare specifically one of his most powerful works The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Students are learning about allusion and word play, and the dynamics involved in Elizabethan theater. They have enjoyed reading the play, and even taken it upon themselves to portray it. In Math, we continue to work on making sense of problems and persevering in solving them, reasoning abstractly and quantitatively. In Social Studies, we are learning about our involvement in World War II.

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