To keep our teaching staff feeling supported and up to date on new information, High Road has established numerous professional development days for their staff. Our calendars reflect half days approximately twice a month at which time staff hone their skills at either their own schools or at the Wallingford training center. This is a great time to review ways in which we can make the student experience at our schools even better.

Twice a year all staff meet at a region-wide training. Our training this month focused on our parent company Catapult Learning’s Core Four Values; Transparency, Humility, Accountability and Decisiveness. The Hartford Primary and High Schools traveled through these sessions together. It was great to meet our counterpart school and work on activities as a team. Staff included in these trainings were teachers, teaching assistants, one-to-ones, school nurses, as well as occupational and speech therapists. The sessions were created and presented by our district Directors and Operations Managers. This was an informative day of learning leaving us all energized and ready to get back to classes!

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