At BEST Academy, we look for as many opportunities as possible to keep our students healthy and active. Movement is an important part of every student’s overall physical and cognitive health. For our students, it can help serve many other needs. It is a way to assist with sensory regulation, which can increase attention to task and time focused on academics. Physical movement in group activities can also provide structured social interactions, creating scenarios for rapport building and friendships. With young adults who have quickly changing and growing bodies, physicality can also create opportunities to express excess energy, lowering maladaptive behavioral outbursts.
To meet all of these needs, BEST Academy incorporates exercise into our schedules in many different ways. We facilitate outdoor activities when the weather allows.
We have a formal gym outing twice a month at the local Park and Recreation facility, and we recently have access to a gym on our Wallingford campus that houses typical gym equipment. This is perfect for our young adults.
We look forward to finding even more creative ways to keep us all moving as the colder months approach.