Students across the Eastern Shore were given the opportunity to partake in Essay writing contest. The rules were to use the title “ The Little Apple Who Wouldn’t Fall…” The essay could be in the format of a Readers Theater, play, story or letter.

And the winner for the Essay Contest is….. Ethan J.

Ethan is an avid fantasy novel reader and enjoys learning about different worlds. Ethan used his knowledge of fantasy words and love of computer games to create an imaginative story about different worlds and forces coming together.
“Eden and a beam of light shined from the tower and then it let out a wave of magical light energy that destroyed Tar Goroth and his army of demons, monsters, and shadow warriors. Now with Tar Goroth destroyed the heroes of light and their warriors disappeared into the pages of history, balance now remained eternal and flowers bloomed beautifully. The first tree to grow produced a small apple on one of its branches and no one dared pick it for if it was history would repeated itself but with new heroes so people left this apple be and it did not fall no matter what.”
Ethan made the pages come to life with his descriptive writing. Ethan was awarded a certificate and a Journal to continue his writing. We can not wait to see what is in store for Ethan and his creative writing skills.

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