This quarter, Ms. Ashley’s class began their study on plants and animals. The study will continue through the second quarter when the students will have ample opportunities to dive deep into hands on learning! Students will be raising tadpoles, growing plants, and researching animals they have chosen to learn more about. They also went on a field trip to OdySea Aquarium. Students were able to touch sting rays, starfish, and other kinds of fish. The students were able to learn and see the animals in their habitats as well as watch the animals be fed.

This engaging unit has students eager to learn. They are taking responsibilities in their jobs that involve caring for the tadpoles and plants. Students can interact with each other as they do research and interactive projects. This unit not only integrated science, but also math, reading, and social studies. In Ms. Ashley’s class, we are excited to learn about the plants and animals around us and around the world.

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