“This year for Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted our students and school learned about the differences of various Hispanic countries, history, and culture”, committee leader of Cultural Awareness Mr. Johnson stated. Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15 to October 15. “It was important for our classrooms to learn as much as they can on the selected country they were provided”. Each classroom was selected in a different country to learn about, participated in a door decoration and trivia. Ms. Manson Puerto Rico class won Hispanic Heritage Trivia Month and Mr. Donald won the door decoration to bringing them the Panama Canal to Maryland. “I wanted my students to be embedded in the culture, history and social aspect of Panama”, Mr. Donald stated. “Our students wanted to take their creating their door because as they learned it took so time to build Panama Canal”, Ms. Henderson explained. Classrooms also participated in making authentic Hispanic dishes from their selected countries. Mr. Johnson’s class made Cuban Batido, a Cuban smoothie, Ms. Donald’s class made chicken empanadas and Ms. Manson’s class made Puerto Rican dumplings just to name a few.

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