Students and staff celebrated Thanksgiving together by gathering for a traditional meal. Students were excited to help cook and prepare the food, serve one another and even helped clean up! Guests from local school districts and community agencies joined the students and enjoyed their time together. Capital Academy wishes all our students and families a Happy Thanksgiving! Visit our website to learn more about Capital Academy


The Mayflower (Some Assembly Required)

The students in Academic 3 had been recently learning about the arrival of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower and lead teacher, Miss Forrest, found a way she could tie her lesson with a hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) project. Each students task was to build a "Mayflower ship" using only 3 pieces of construction paper and two paperclips. Each ship's strength was then tested by adding marbles to see how many it could hold before sinking. Each marble was meant to represent one Pilgrim family. Each student was able to stay engaged and was able to properly [...]

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It’s IAN Day

Ian has been on level blue since the very start of school. He has recently hit blue day 40 and was able to have an "IAN" day where he watched his favorite movie in our cozy back room and got his favorite lunch delivered. Ian works increasingly hard during academic rotations and will even work through his break to ensure all of his weekly work is complete. He is becoming increasingly social in class and has made new friends in the past few months.Ian making it to blue day 40, the highest in the class, was a huge [...]

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Mrs. Rosy, An Irreplaceable Team Member

Mrs. Rosy, as the students call her, has been an imperative part of our team since the Livermore sites first opened. She services both our Elementary and High School campuses and is crucial to the success of students at both. At the Elementary campus her focus is primarily on deescalation tactics, socializing skills and world readiness. At the High School, students benefit from her social and group therapy, crisis intervention, and coping strategies. Not only does Mrs. Rosy help all of our students but she also is a team member in every sense of the word! She is [...]

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Leticia Encouragement

Leticia is a great team member and can always be counted on to do whatever it takes to help the students. She provides a consistent and encouraging support that enables her students to grow. Her hard work, attendance, and going above and beyond attitude is why she is our Staff of the Month. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Kiara’s Constant Positivity

Kiara's constant positivity serves as a model for her peers. Everything she does is for the Sierra students. She always makes sure that her students are well served and that their needs come first. Kiara Lloyd, K-4 Oasis teacher, recently completed her graduate degree from Grand Canyon University, earning a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in special education. In addition to her role as classroom teacher, Ms. Lloyd also serves as the Sierra School of Phoenix IEP Compliance Coordinator. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Janelle’s Reliability

Janelle is a reliable staff member who always jumps in to help. She is always willing to provide support wherever she is needed, often times substituting as a transportation driver at the last minute. She works with our BEST model elementary students and does a wonderful job, helping them develop foundational skills. She is so kind, and very caring to each of the students. Janelle was selected because of her flexibility and willingness to cover for other staff members, when needed. Janelle has been a positive force and a consistent reliable staff member, we are lucky to have [...]

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Jaxen’s Achievements

Our character trait for the month of October was respect. Jaxen exemplifies this trait in all settings of his school day. He is polite, and always using his manners with students and staff. He was also one of two students who made all his iReady minutes, plus got 100% on the lessons. Jaxen was chose as student of the month because he always works hard and does his best, each day. He is respectful to staff and his peers. He is always trying to make sure other students have someone to play with. Jaxen was one of the [...]

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Ms. B’s Heart of Gold

Ms. Blanca is technically our Transportation Coordinator, but also acts as our Floating TA and often times our unofficial behavioral specialist. Ms. B has a great rapport with our students, and always goes above and beyond her call of duty to assist staff and students alike. Blanca has a heart of compassionate gold, and it shows in mindful interactions with our students whether she's helping them utilize their coping skills, or listening to them talk about what's bothering them. Blanca is always one of the first to volunteer to assist with tasks ranging from administrative to preparing breakfast, [...]

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DeAndre, Campus Helper

DeAndre is being recognized as our student of the month for his consistent positive behaviors and ability to redirect over the past few weeks. DeAndre proactively offers to help beautify our campus and classrooms by sweeping, vacuuming, and throwing away garbage when he sees the need. DeAndre has been an emotional support to his peers, offering positive advice when he notices them being triggered by others. DeAndre is a pleasure to have in class, and his Michael Jackson impersonations are a welcomed joy to the entire campus!Maintaining a high behavioral level and being such a good friend. [...]

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