Student Quinn Reporting:

“I was having a rough day and I was in a bad mood for a while. I was just very unhappy with how my day was going. The staff in High Road recommended that we go out to take a walk and get some fresh air. We ended up stopping by the goats and feeding them. It turned my day around immediately because the weather was my favorite kind of weather to be in and I really love animals. Getting to pet and feed them was an amazing experience because I’ve never had the chance to do that kind of thing before until High Road. I’m glad that the staff convinced me to take a walk outside because it made my day so much better and it just goes to show that the staff in High Road care about their students and how they feel.”

Student Steven Reporting:

  1. They act like dogs
  2. They look like horned sheep
  3. They like to be fed food
  4. They run super fast when they hear my voice
  5. They’re fluffy

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