Last Wednesday, Life Skills took a trip to Subway restaurants for a CBI. While our main focus was to be able to place orders their own, we practiced pedestrian and traffic safety along the way. This was especially important in a newly developed area that may not have all the proper signage posted just yet. Students became more familiar with traffic signs and patterns. We also practiced geographical awareness, as the students led the way to Subway without much assistance from staff (obviously we were right next to them the entire time, but they “led the way”).

Once we were at Subway, our students communicated their food orders independently and we discussed proper restaurant/customer etiquette while eating some delicious subs. Soon thereafter, we took a walk behind the new shopping center to the lake and conversed about pollution, nature and the local scenery before heading back.

Our next CBI will be at the dollar store next week where we will focus on hygiene and abiding by a budget. We will update everyone on how it goes!

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