Our Operations Manager, Ms. Russo, asked the students to build a bench to be auctioned at a future charity event. Last year, the transition class built a bench, but this time we included students from all classrooms!

The first step was to look at the directions and write a list of necessary supplies. In the Fifth Year Transition program, some of our students are working on rounding money so we used this opportunity to round the cost of supplies for an approximate total cost.

After calculating the cost, we took our supplies to a cashier. This interaction with allows our students with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to have safe, appropriate interactions with store staff. We also had the opportunity to practice using a credit card.

Stage two was building the workbench. First the boards were sanded and then measured. Next, the students (with close supervision) used a power saw to cut the wood length and at angles. It gave our students the opportunity to learn more about angles and safe around tools.

The directions were for a dark stained top, but we surveyed the students and charted the results. The options were a red, black or stained bottom. The overwhelming choice was a barn red with a dark walnut stained top, which took several coats.

The bench was assembled and carefully inspected by our students for any flaws or additional work that needed to be completed. We totaled the cost of making the bench and were able to discuss how much we could sell a bench for if we decided to make it in small cottage industry within our school.

The finished product is beautiful!

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