On Tuesday October 9th, High Road School of Wright City students who were green level or higher were able to participate in a walking field trip to the Wright City Scenic Regional Library. A total of 11 High Road students participated in this educational field trip. The students took about a one mile walk to the city’s local library and were taken on a tour of the Scenic Regional Library by its staff. Many students (and staff) were surprised to learn that more than books could be checked out at the library. As well as books, there was also a collection of magazines, CD’s, audio books, comic books, movies (a favorite among the students), video games, a telescope, and even fishing poles that were able to be checked out. Each student ended up finding at least one book or movie that they wanted, and some students even got two! Afterwards, each student also were able to place an order for a snack or drink of their choice from the gas station down the street, that they were able to enjoy when the returned from the library. This library location opened up in June 2018 and has been a small treasure to the community since. This is the second time High Roads School of Wright City has made this trip, and it will likely continue to be a popular option.

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