This month here at High Road School of Fairfield County, student and staff improved our VTO (Voluntary Time Out), or better known to our students as self, rooms! For our elementary and middle school students, we added an awesome green shaggy rug which just screams positive vibes, an amazing t-pee tent, and a great relaxation chair! The students have really shown a liking to these new additions and use them daily. The tent is the biggest hit! They love to go inside for a few minutes by themselves and relax and come out feeling better and ready to continue to work hard!

In the high school self-room, we added positivity quotes to the wall to help pick themselves-up and feel great about themselves. There’s also an amazing blue wave theme that makes you feel like the waves at the beach which is so relaxing! A sound machine helps complete the relaxing feeling in the room that plays waves as well.

Our newest addition to our energy self is “spell your name and work it!” wall! Students can take an energy VTO, find the letters of their name, do the task next to it and repeat 2 times! How cool is that?! Such an amazing way to let all that energy out, get a healthier mind and body all at the same time!

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