Students will be participating in the “Zones of Regulation” curriculum. This curriculum includes lessons and activities designed by Leah Kuypers to help our students gain skills in the area of self regulation. This is used in addition to our “point sheet” behavioral management program that is used school wide. Because the traditional zones curriculum follows a color mapping method as well, we have adapted the zones to be identified by numbers.

  • Zone 0: Low States of Alertness: Sad, Tired, Sick, Bored
  • Zone 1: Regulated State of Alertness: Calm, happy, focused
  • Zone 2: Heightened state of alertness: frustration, anxiety, silliness and excitement
  • Zone 3: Extremely Heightened state of alertness: angry, panic or terror

The Zones of Regulation is intended to be neutral and not communicate judgment. It is important to note that we all experience all of the zones, and it is our ability to match the appropriate zone with what is expected in the environment or for the task that is considered self regulation.

Zones- Tip of the Month

Feeling extra sleepy because of the demands of back to school? Having difficulty staying focused to get a task complete? You are in zone 0- Here are some things to try to get to Zone 1: Drink extra water, try a healthy snack or go for a walk outside. Maintain a good sleep routine to be ready for your day!

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