This year at High Road Hartford Primary we have added several new features to improve our school. Several staff members volunteered over the summer to set up new VTO spaces and paint murals on some of the walls. We also put a fresh coat of paint in our bathrooms and library. New bulletin boards were also set up throughout our building.

One of our new features includes our new and improved play-lab for our early elementary aged students. This space is an open space with toys and games that help students develop necessary social and emotional skills.  Students who use this area are encouraged by their staff to play together and use skills such as sharing and saying please and thank you. Our play lab is set up in several different stations. These stations include: dramatic play, manipulative activities, blocks and other building toys.

Another new feature in our school is our new sensory room or VTO space.  This year we have added several new features to the room to help our students get back on track when they need a break from the classroom setting.  One of the new features in the space is a giant crash pad pillow.  Students have the option to run and jump onto the pillow or lie on the pillow and relax.  Another new feature in the room is out new Jumparoo.  Students enjoy jumping on the outer tube; this helps them release excess energy before returning to class.

Finally, a couple of our biggest changes are our library and bathroom spaces.  Our library was painted, decorated, and organized over the summer. We host many of our events in the library. Some of these events include our Thanksgiving lunch, Muffins with Mom, and Donuts with Dad.  Our goal was to make the library a welcome space for students, staff, and guest to our school.  We also painted the student bathrooms to give them an update and make them a little brighter.

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